Get More Leads From Your Website and Grow Your Marketing List

Engage visitors with a library of your How-to Guides, eBooks & Videos to convert more prospects
into customers using the Guide-a-rama Resource Marketing Platform


Embedable Microsite

No need to change your existing site

Instant Landing Pages

With optional, customizaeable lead-capture form

Marketing Guide Builder

Effortlessly create engaging step-by-step guides

Real-time Statistics

See what's working to learn and improve

Lead Magnets as Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Your inbound marketing activities drive visitors to your website where most arrive to "window shop" then quickly depart. Lead Magnets help you engage more of those visitors with valuable & relevant content. Create Lead Magnets from marketing resources like how-to guides, webinar recordings and expert information. You will build loyalty with visitors and keep them coming back until they are ready to convert into customers. Guide-a-rama makes it easy for you to add Lead Magnets to your marketing mix today.

Learn More About Lead Magnets and Watch Our Explainer Video

How Guide-a-rama Works...

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Add Your Resources to Create an Embedable Microsite

A marketing resource microsite gives your visitors a central place to interact with your lead magnets. Use resources like How-to Guides, Best Practices, Customer Case Studies and Webinars to engage visitors with relevant and timely information. Guide-a-rama creates the microsite from your lead magnet listings listings. No web programmers required -- do it yourself in minutes and make updates at will. You can easily link to the microsite, define a custom URL and/or embed the micro-site into an existing web page. Learn More

Click here to see a Marketing Resources page in action

Use Our Amazing Lead Magnet Builder
to Create Step-By-Step eGuides

Engage visitors with more than a download and keep their attention focused on your brand while you showcase your expertise. Create and publish lead magnets with step-by-step guides, checklists white papers and ebooks using the Guide-a-rama lead magnet platform. Our interactive Marketing Guide format takes the blog to the next level making it easy to combine text, downloads, videos and checklists into a multi-page article. Once published, lead magnets are added to your micro-site along side your other resources. Learn More

Click here to see a Lead Magnet created with Guide-a-rama.

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Get Instant Landing Pages with
Optional Lead Capture Built Right In

You catch visitor attention with lead magnets but you sell the value with the landing page. Save your time and eliminate the hassle of building one-off landing pages with Guide-a-rama. Add some information about your lead magnet and Guide-a-rama creates a beautifully designed landing page optimized for mobile devices. Choose to capture lead information and add your own custom fields. Each landing page has a unique URL that can be used as the call-to-action in your newsletters, blog posts and marketing campaigns. Learn More

Measure Activity with Real Time Statistics and Google Analytics

Quickly learn which lead magnets drive the most activity and encourage return visitors. Add your Google Analytics information and you'll get extensive visitor data that can help drive your marketing campaigns.

Integrate leads with MailChimp to build your list

Grow your MailChimp marketing list automatically with the pre-built integration. Simply add your MailChimp API key and select the list where you want to send the Guide-a-rama leads.

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Get Started with Lead Magnet Marketing today

With Guide-a-rama you can have your own Lead Magnet Marketing page available in a just a couple of minutes. Signup for a FREE 30-day trial. No credit card required to get started. Then add a few of your most valuable content pieces to your Guide-a-rama account and within a few minutes you'll have your own Resource Listing Micro-site, instant landing pages you can link to marketing campaigns, downloadable leads and visitor statistics.