Guide-a-rama Overview & Features

Guide-a-rama makes it easy for you to manage your resource library and engage with website visitors with relevant & timely information


An introduction to Guide-a-rama

Guide-a-rama is a web application that helps you create and manage a Resource Marketing program.

Guide-a-rama Includes:

  • Resource Marketing Micro-site that displays your content like a bookshelf.
  • Resource Listing Manager that lets you add a wide variety of content to your micro-site.
  • Instant Landing Pages that can explain the value of the Resource to encourage the visitor to take the next step.
  • Optional Lead Capture to help build your marketing database.
  • Marketing Guide Builder to give you a new content type to better engage visitors with step-by-step instructions or guidance.
  • Marketing Guide eReader that is optimized for tablets and smart phones providing an excellent mobile experience for your visitors.
  • Statistics and Analtyics Integrations to provide you with the insight needed to better manager your Resource Marketing program.

Feature Highlights

Easily manage your Resource listings

With Guide-a-rama you can centralize and organize a wide variety of Marketing Resources all in one place. Best of all, you can do it yourself without waiting for a web developer or an agency. With Guide-a-rama you can...

  • Create new listings, edit or delete existing listings.
  • Control availability of resources on your Micro-site with publish/unpublish action.
  • Upload file based content to use as a resource download including PDF, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, text files and more.
  • Add embed code from streaming media to use as a resource including YouTube & Vimeo Videos, Slideshares, Brainsharks and more.
  • Choose the category where the resource should be listed or create a new category for the micro-site.
  • Personalize each listing by uploading your own book cover, adding a title and description.
  • Customize the instant landing page by completing the benefits and detailed description as well as selecting the optional lead capture with or without custom fields.
  • Unique URLs are provided to link directly to the landing page from the website or marketing campaigns.

A new content type to engage with your visitors and get them coming back

The Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide builder enables you to create a collection of how-to guides, white-papers and best practices that take the visitor through multiple steps while tracking their progress along the way. With the Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide Builder you can...

  • Create new guides, edit or delete existing guides
  • Control availability of guides on your Micro-site with publish/unpublish action.
  • Define the Guide title, description, book cover and listing category.
  • Guides are made up of multiple sections (a section is basically a page), you can add, delete or drag and drop sections
  • Build each section by dragging and dropping elements from the tool bar that include formatted text and to-do lists, embedded video or image, hyper link or downloadable document.
  • Guides are automatically optimized for mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad as well as other tablets and smart phones.
  • Guides that do not require registration are immediately presented to the visitor without a landing page.
  • Guides that require registration are preceded by an instant landing page complete the lead capture form that can be extended with custom fields.
  • Unique URLs are provided to link to the Guide from the website or marketing campaigns.

Showcase your Marketing Resources all in one place

The Guide-a-rama Resource Marketing Micro-site is a stand alone web page that organizes your content into a bookshelf style listing. Visitors to your website can easily scan the listings and find content that meets their needs. With the Guide-a-rama Microsite admin you can...

  • Display a collection of Marketing Resource cover thumbnails, titles and descriptions on a category organized web page hosted by Guide-a-rama.
  • Choose the Micro-site display template from multiple selections and re-publish at any time.
  • Add new Resource categories and determine the display order on the micro-site.
  • Integrate your Google Analytics tracking code.
  • Retrieve the Java Script embed code that allows you to insert the Micro-site into an existing web page
  • Add your MailChimp API key and select the destination mailing list to automate the sharing of lead capture information.
  • A customer website address (URL) can be assigned to point to your Micro-site
  • Micro-site uses a responsive design that will automatically adjust based upon the type of device or size of browser that is being used making it look great on tablets and smart phones

Customize Your Account

Within Guide-a-rama you can customize certain aspects of your account to display your branding or change the web address where the Micro-site is located.

  • Set your company name to be displayed when a logo is not present.
  • Company logo can be uploaded to be displayed on the Micro-site and Landing Pages
  • Company website address can be added to provide a link back from the Micro-site
  • Define a custom domain name that can be used to direct visitors to your Micro-site
  • Choose to e-mail the account holder of new leads
  • Update your billing information and review your invoices

Instant landing page & access to the resource

Guide-a-rama provides an instant landing page that precedes the access to the Marketing Resource. The landing page provides additional information that helps to engage the visitor and convince them to take the next step.

  • A landing page is automatically created from the information provided in the Resource listing and made available upon publishing.
  • Downloadable files are triggered from the landing page and will use native device file handling.
  • Embedded content is displayed within a separate Guide-a-rama page with your logo.
  • When lead capture is enabled, visitor can return to any resource without re-registration.
  • Lead capture can integrate with your MailChimp list, be sent to the account owner as individual e-mail or downloaded on-demand as a spreadsheet compatible CSV file.

Give visitors an excellent mobile experience with step-by-step guides

The Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide eReader enables the user to browse and interact with the content while keeping track of progress with a visual indicator gauge. The Guide-a-rama eReader let's the user...

  • Access the Marketing Guide content optimized for nearly any device including iPads and iPhones.
  • Displays a side-bar table of contents for quick access to the different sections of the guide.
  • Visually shows progress through the guide with an indicator bar.
  • Enables user to interact with content including hyper links, document downloads, smart checklists and embedded content including videos, Slideshares and more.
  • Automatically saves progress and enables a hassle free return visit to the guide.

Know which Marketing Resources are getting used

Guide-a-rama has real-time statistics available for each resource listing in addition to a pre-built integration with Google Analytics.

  • Guide-a-rama statistics are displayed for each Resource listing.
  • Up to the minute statistics are provided for landing page visits, leads captured and resource access requests.
  • Using the traditional analytic script, the Google Analytics integration enables Guidearama to automatically adds data on where the lead came from (referral source, PPC data, organic search term, etc.) as well as the number of pages the lead looked at and the number of times they've come to your Guidearama Resources helping you better understand your audience and where they are coming from.
  • Incorporate Guide-a-rama Resource Listings into your Google Analytics conversion metrics for enhanced PPC tracking.

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