Create interactive step-by-step marketing guides
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Showcase your expertise with multi-section guides that can combine text, video and smart checklists into a mobile optimized experience for your visitors.

The Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide Builder

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What are Guide-a-rama Marketing Guides?

Today's Resource Marketing programs incorporate file downloads, blog articles, training videos, presentations and eBooks delivered as PDF files or one of a dozen different formats. What is missing is an interactive format that can walk a reader through a story, suggest actions and provide access to all of the information right at their fingertips.

The Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide format was designed to enable you to quickly create and publish step-by-step guides that can bring together different media types available on the web. And since knowledge isn't static, we wanted to make it easy for you to add and update information over time and to enable your audience to track their progress.

With a Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide you can walk the reader through a process and include text, links, images and videos to help them get the job done.

Anatomy of a Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide

Each Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide is constructed of one or more "sections". You can think of a section as an individual page. The section can contain any combination of the content types available in the tool bar.

  • Write text and easily format it by simply highlighting and choosing from the pop-up menu
  • Add a smart task list that can include a formatted text descriptions and hyper links.
  • Embed a video from YouTube, Vimeo and other similar services.
  • Add a downloadable file with a custom title

Once published Guide-a-rama will format the guide for our browser-based eReader enabling the content to be accessed on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

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The Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide eReader

When a visitor accesses a Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide the web based eReader opens to display the content and enable progress tracking. Each guide displays the table of contents as well as forward and back buttons to make it easy for the user to move between sections.

The Guide-a-rama eReader can show streaming media from other sources in context with additional information. For example, you can show a setup video streamed from YouTube and provide a downloadable checklist on the same page.

The user's progress is automatically tracked and displayed as a percent complete bar for the guide. Each section is tracked as well as each individual task list item. Progress tracking at this granular level can keep the user engaged and reduce abandon rates.

Better than a blog, smarter than a download

Blogs are a great way to publish articles or make information available to a general audience. The flat structure of a blog is perfect for providing information or advice on topics in a single long form page. Guide-a-rama Marketing Guides take the blog to the next level by enabling the writer to create a multi-section document that is quickly traversed by the viewer. You can organize your thoughts and your content into easily consumable sections augmented by supporting documents, links and embedded content.

The Guide-a-rama Marketing Guides go beyond the download and keep you connected to your audience. You can update guides in real time and instantly make the changes available to everyone. No need for your users to re-download the document or check their version numbers. Users accessing the guide through the Guide-a-rama eReader will always have access to the most up to date information available.

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