Startup Owner's Manual - Founder's Workbook
The Checklist Companion to The Startup Owner's Manual

By Steve Blank and Bob Dorf, Built on Guidearama

Track your progress through the Customer Development process that revolutionized the way startups are built

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About The Founder's Workbook:

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We partnered with Steve Blank & Bob Dorf to bring you The Founder’s Workbook, a powerful online tool that helps you track your progress through The Startup Owner’s Manual step by step. This interactive series of checklists walks you through every stage of the process. Using them will keep you and your team on track, ensuring that you complete all key tasks in your search for a successful, scalable business model.

  • 57 Comprehensive Checklists to Guide You
    Work through your startup, step-by-step, by following these comprehensive checklists. As you make progress through the checklists, you’ll be building your startup.
  • Build Your Startup The Smart Way
    Follow a consistent and proven process of Customer Development to improve your chances of success.
  • Track Your Progress
    As you work through the contents of these guides, you can track your progress. This allows you to be efficient and ensure you don’t miss anything.

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