Guide-a-rama instant landing pages save time
and increase visitor engagement

Ready-to-use landing pages are automatically created for your resource listings to encourage visitors to take the next step

The Guide-a-rama Instant Landing Page

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What is a Landing Page?

A Guide-a-rama landing page is a web page where the visitor is presented with information that helps to explain the value of a particular marketing resource. The landing page is automatically linked to the microsite listing and can also be used as a call-to-action in your online marketing efforts. The purpose of the landing page is to engage the visitor so they take the next step. In some cases the landing page simply delivers the target resource and in other cases the landing page includes a form to capture visitor information prior to granting access.

Add a content listing, get an instant landing page

Create a new listing and follow the step-by-step wizard to add your Marketing Resource to Guide-a-rama. Each listing asks for a title, a short description, up to three bullet points and a final "pitch" paragraph. Add as much or as little content as you want to explain the resource. Guide-a-rama will take the information you entered in the wizard and instantly create a beautifully designed landing page optimized for the web and for mobile devices.

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Use Landing Pages as the Call-to-Action for Marketing Campaigns & Social Updates

Simplify your online marketing campaigns by using the Guide-a-rama instant landing page as your call to action. Offer valuable resources like an eBook, white paper or a webinar to your audience. You can point Google ads, newsletter offers and display ads to link to the micro-site or to the individual landing pages. When the unique URL is clicked, Guide-a-rama will display the landing page and enable the visitor to download or access the resource.

View, download or send leads to MailChimp

Each lead and its associated information is saved in your Guide-a-rama database. You can choose to be notified of each new lead via e-mail or you can download a spreadsheet compatible CSV file on demand. There is also a integration available that will instantly add or update leads in your selected MailChimp mailing list.

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