A Guide-a-rama Microsite organizes and displays your content marketing resources

The microsite is the front door to your Marketing Resource Library where visitors can easily scan and self-select content.

The Guide-a-rama Marketing Resource Microsite

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What is a Resource Marketing Microsite?

The Guide-a-rama microsite is a web page where your collection of Marketing Resources are displayed like a bookshelf. When you add a resource listing to Guide-a-rama, a thumbnail of the book cover, the title and part of the description will automatically be displayed in the category you selected.

Visitors to the microsite can quickly scan the available resources and make their selection. Depending on the settings for each listing, the visitor may be shown a landing page with (or without) a registration form before the asset is downloaded, streamed or displayed.

Embed Your Microsite into an existing web page

You can embed your resource listing directly into an existing website page. Simply copy the embed code provided by Guide-a-rama and paste into your website page source. This works for HTML pages, website builders and most blogging platforms such as Wordpress. Once the microsite is embedded into a page, you can add/remove and edit resource listings without ever modifying the page source again.

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Customize Your Microsite Look

Customize the Microsite by adding your company logo and selecting one of the available templates. Currently we have the standard three-across template as well a higher density five-across template.

Use a Custom Domain Name

Make it easy for customers to find your marketing resource microsite with a unique web address known as a URL. You can change your URL to a sub-domain of your brand (such as http://library.mycompany.com) or assign a top level domain directly to your microsite.

Built for Tablets & Mobile devices

The micro-site is built using a responsive design that will automatically adjust to the web browser on each device. Your page will look amazing on most every device out there including tablets and smart phones.

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Drive Your Business with Resource Marketing