Guide-a-rama Refund & Cancellation Policy

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Last updated March 29, 2014

This refund policy covers the web applications & web services provided by Guidearama and found at the web address

Account Cancellation
Here at Guidearama we want you to be a satisfied customer. If for some reason you are no longer satisfied with the service you may cancel at any time by sending an e-mail through our Contact Us page. It is our policy that once we receive your cancellation request, we will not charge your account again for services.

No Partial Refunds
We do not refund partial amounts when an account is cancelled during the subscription period. The account will remain active until the end of the subscription period that is paid for. At the end of the subscription period the account will be de-activated and no further payments will be requested.

Full Refunds
If you made a mistake, forgot to cancel or no longer wish to use the service, there are scenarios when a full refund may be authorized by Guidearama. Here are some examples:

  • You forgot to cancel your account and there is no activity on that account for the subscription period. Activity is defined as Micro-site views, leads and delivery of assets (downloads).
  • You no longer wish to use your Guidearama account and you didn't cancel prior to the charge being processed on your credit card.

If you have questions about our refund policy please contact us at 206-496-1112 or via the contact us page.

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