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Our team can help you setup your Resource Marketing program.

Guide-a-rama Consulting Services

Jumpstart Consulting


Resource Marketing Program Jump-start

Our team can help you get your Resource Marketing program off the ground in just a few days.

  • Determine the characteristics of your target audience and areas of interest
  • Collect your available resources and evaluate for target audience fit
  • Select up to nine (9) Resources for the jump-start listing
  • Create standard style book covers for each resource from our templates
  • Create up to three categories to organize the resources
  • Add up to 9 resources to your Guide-a-rama account, create title, description, up to 3 benefit bullets and the pitch paragraph
  • Determine which Resources can support lead capture and configure.
  • Integrate with a MailChimp e-mail list if requested

The Guide-a-rama Jump-start Service is priced at $5,000 USD and takes approximately 1 week. Contact Us for more information

PDF to Marketing Guide conversion

Our team will take your PDF document and convert it into a Guide-a-rama Marketing Guide. Our standard process includes...

  • Review the PDF and create a conversion outline for your approval
  • Create Marketing Guide sections according to outline
  • Copy titles, text and images into the appropriate sections as defined by the outline
  • Create a standard listing cover
  • Create a title, description, benefits and pitch paragraph for Guide-a-rama listing
  • Setup lead capture as defined for the Marketing Guide
  • Final approval prior to publishing to your Guide-a-rama account

Pricing starts at $399 for up to a 10 page PDF document (does not include the required Guide-a-rama subscription). Contact Us for more information

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